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Pos Laju First 500 gm
WM - RM8
Sabah - RM5
Sarawak - RM 6.50

Registered Post for 1st Kg

WM - RM8
Sarawak- RM7.00
* Pos Express is only available for items which is less than 500gm and not more than 10mm thick..*
6. No returning of sold items unless sent out wrongly by me..:)
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12. Accessories such as belts & etc.... is not included with the dress/blouse unless stated....
13. Kindly sms/email/whatsapp me if you have any problems regarding the bookings...jgn senyap je klu ade problems regarding bookings ye...
14. Thank you for your cooperation....

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

UK BUNDLE IN THE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 UK 01
Brand :TU
0-3 Mths
RM 6
Paid Yani

 UK 02
0-3 Mths
RM 9
Paid Ary

 UK 03
Brand : GEORGE
0-3 Mths
RM 6
Paid Pryncess Zara

UK 04
Brand : NEXT
0-3 Mths 
RM 6

 UK 05
3Mths (Cutting Besar)
RM 8
Book Azren

 UK 06
3 Mths (Cutting Besar)
RM 7
Paid Yani

UK 07
Brand : GEORGE
3 Mths
RM 7

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