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1. Items can only be reserved for 7 days only. The next on the list (if any) will be prioritized.
2. No cancellation after 3 days. Back out buyers will be blacklisted...
3. This blog is not for fussy buyer... biasalah kalau barang bundle...expect condition tak 100% macam 'kat butik..;)
4. All payments are to be directed to my Maybank, BSN or RHB account. Scroll down to the PAYMENT CHANNELS....
5. Postage fee are :

Pos Laju First 500 gm
WM - RM8
Sabah - RM5
Sarawak - RM 6.50

Registered Post for 1st Kg

WM - RM8
Sarawak- RM7.00
* Pos Express is only available for items which is less than 500gm and not more than 10mm thick..*
6. No returning of sold items unless sent out wrongly by me..:)
7. I won't be responsible for missing items during shipping. I i'll send all tracking number once i've send out.
8.Colours of the items may be slightly different due to the different computer settings. I will inform customer if it is so..
9.You will be entitled for 5% discount as a follower of my blog..
10. Kindly email or sms me for approximate measurements...klu nak lebih pasti size baju tu.. sms,email or tanya saya ye..:)
11. Items will only be shipped out, once i've received your payment...:)
12. Accessories such as belts & etc.... is not included with the dress/blouse unless stated....
13. Kindly sms/email/whatsapp me if you have any problems regarding the bookings...jgn senyap je klu ade problems regarding bookings ye...
14. Thank you for your cooperation....

Saturday, July 3, 2010


RM 8
Size : M-L
Gown daripada kain jeans..ada tali 'kat belakang

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